About Us

We are a team of professionals with a fancy for food: strategists, business analysts, researchers, designers, photographers, writers and chefs who bring expertise and energy to every client relationship.

Our team shares a love for food, wine, travel, arts & culture, bringing a unique global perspective.

Our Values

We love what’s on our plate and look for clients who share the values our team lives by everyday:

Respect for our talent and time

Be true and honest with one another and the process

Work together for the best results

We live to create your unique story

One great idea builds on another

Commitment to achieving the best possible outcomes

The joyful plate community

Financial Analysis

joyful plate partners with Rudofsky Associates to help clients with financial planning. We have worked together on numerous start ups, developing cost of good estimates, forecasting and P&L modelling for investor decks.
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Product Development

joyful plate partners with Rutgers Food Innovation Center to guide you from product idea or recipe to reality.
• Recipe scale up
• Sensory testing
• Contract manufacture
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Natural Products Research (NEXT)

joyful plate partners with NEXT to help quantify your new business opportunity against the NEXT database of healthy market segments
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Consumer Research

joyful plate has been a member of the QRCA (Qualitative Research Consulting Association) for years and taps into the network for qual/quant team resources globally.
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Fashion/Lifestyle Consulting

joyful plate partners with Accessory Think Tank, specializing in the growth of emerging, established and eminent accessory brands. The intersection where food meets fashion: we can develop textiles and promotional materials for your kitchen, table top, wine or lifestyle brand.
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Creative Communications

We choose the right partner for you from our network of 4-5 boutique consultants for package design, copy writing, web/social and public relations.