January 1, 2017
Friends and clients of joyful plate know that what turns us on is bringing your brand experience to life – not only on pack, but online, in store and at events. Looking back at what inspired our instagram trend posts in 2016, one theme pops like no other…out of the box design that creates an engaging and immersive experience.
Here are a few examples we love-and scroll below for our own too as we
 find ourselves increasingly in the restaurant and cafe space.





Wonder how your brand might live outside of its box and in a lifestyle space? Busch did it. So did Pepsi and  Kellogg’s cereal,  as did Chobani and Magnum Ice-cream. They all opened their own restaurants/cafes. See industry trend reports here.
The line in the sand has disappeared forever- conventions like  “on premise” vs. “off premise”, “mass vs. natural” are totally blurred. There are juice and sushi bars in grocery stores. Drug stores have morphed into deli’s. We no longer have to go to Whole Foods to buy organic, we can walk into our local pharmacy and get grass fed bison bits. The smart brands are imagining their brand outside the package and inside physical spaces.

joyful plate restaurant experience

joyful plate partners with  Favoreat (Design) and  Halecite (restaurant PR) in this space. Our most recent collaboration is the launch of  Maison Pickle, the second restaurant from joyful plate client  Jacobs Pickles. Check out the exciting news for 2017 and design here:  Maison Pickle Press Kit.

And as always, our antennas are up!

-Attending the annual QRCA Qualitative Research Conference in LA NOW! 1/18-1/20.
-See you at Fancy Food in San Fran 1/22-1/24 and Natural Products Expo West 3/9-3/11.
-Contact us @ michelle@joyfulplate to chat more about your business plans for 2017.