For nearly 30 years, Mitchell was at The James Beard Foundation as Chief Strategy Officer, where he helped steer the Foundation to the forefront of food in America. And for more than a decade, he held a chair on the Academy of the London-based The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. Mitchell also hosts a new podcast “What’s Burning” from The Galilee Culinary Institute which features interviews with top global chefs, restaurateurs and food specialists like Dan Barber, Gaggan Anand, Lilly Jan, Jamila Robinson and others (in fact, Steven Shalowitz is currently producing this show as well).

RALLY CRY FOR FOOD INDUSTRY PROS: On an important note, Mitchell addresses some “moral conundrums” in our industry. While we are living in a moment of a “grand buffet” of food possibilities (tahini from the Middle East available at your local corner store, unimaginable availability and at times, excess) we must be mindful of the consequences to our personal health and the health of the planet. Listen to ways we can bring more consciousness to the food industry here in Mitchell’s opening “What’s Burning” podcast.

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