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Since 2010, joyful plate (R) has celebrated the joy that good food brings to our lives every day. We’re proud to bring together a community of like-minded creators and food entrepreneurs who imagine products that satisfy our moods and fuel our ambitions.
As we think about the many food and beverage products we’ve worked with, a range of need states come to mind.  We FUEL with healthy and delicious foods to help us perform our best, and we treat ourselves with indulgences when it’s time to PLAY. Most of our work has been on this spectrum, from plant-based to fancy and flavor forward.
A healthy balance brings joy to life.
The space in between fills an important need in our busy and chaotic world: one that we call CHILL. Whether it’s a supplement to boost vitality, aid sleep, relieve pain or take the edge off, people need products to relax and reboot. And when we CHILL, to each his own-it’s one person’s herbal tea, another’s glass of red wine (or alcohol free mocktail) and another’s CBD oil -all antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, but each offering a different mood and experience.