The biggest lesson I had this year was learning to live in the present.      A few weeks into lockdown in NYC I surrendered to the experience, examining the detail of the darkness, seeing the light in the little things. I started living in awe of this extraordinary moment in this time that is the now, which soon will be history.      And in this present moment I find myself consulting with an extraordinary mission-based company AMARUMAYU. Their movement prevents the deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest by partnering with the indigenous peoples living there to create Superfruit juices made from the exotic, tropical fruits Camu Camu and Buriti.     Click here for PRNewswire.  And as someone who loves connecting like-minded people, I couldn’t help but introduce my friend Steven Shalowitz, Host of  “THE ONE WAY TICKET SHOW podcast and a true global citizen, to my client, Jorge Lopez-Doriga, AMARUMAYU’s Chief Sustainability Officer.  On his program, Steven asks acclaimed guests from around the world where they’d go if given a one way ticket.  To read more, click here: