Natural Products Expo West Summary in psuedo-Haiku.

Last month we attended the Natural Products Expo West -Virtually. Congratulations to the team at New Hope, while we missed connecting with industry friends in person, the swap-card format was really efficient and easy! There was an overwhelming amount of trend data shared, so instead of recapping in our usual prose format, we thought that a psuedo-Haiku would best summarize our experience. Joyful Plate poetry is a form of word play which keeps our ideas fresh and our language creative.

Plant-based, meats replaced. Pigless Pork Rinds  

Good for me, immunity. Sourced responsibly  

Nutrient dense, Self defense. Food as Medicine

Eat this and not that. Foodie, or Fat?

*Intermittent Fasting*

Deliver Treats, Uber Eats. Ghost Kitchen Magic

Avatar in lieu of me. VIrtual Reality

TikTok Sensation, Climate Generation

Save the planet & people. Feed the world with plenty

*Hungry, for more*

(c) Michelle Lawton joyfulplate 2021

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