It’s a snowy Saturday here in NYC, a great day to cozy up with a good book and a hot beverage. Normally for me that would be a cookbook, a look book or some kind of transportive lit. Today, I spent the morning skimming a book that I could have donated in my pandemic purge, but for some reason did not. Sitting on a shelf with all of my passion books was “Leadership Secrets of Attila The Hun“, light years from the cheer of joyful plate. Yet there was a gravitational pull towards this book for me. And just like that, opening the book brought me to my life to this point, with a hello from my dear late first boss Maggie.
Turning the pages helped me remember my former self, a 21- year old intern at Procter & Gamble ready to conquer the world. Here I am a few decades later, still learning, loving and leading, as a female Hun in this brave new world. I’m so proud to have worked with incredible people along the way on the corporate, agency and start-up side, launching businesses, creating brands, researching industries and creating playbooks for success. There have been a lot of characters along the way, my favorites are those “Great Chieftains who never take themselves too seriously” (“Attilaisms: Selected Thoughts”).

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