February 21st 2022 

One of my favorite pasttimes is listening to THE ONE WAY TICKET SHOW, where my brilliant and entertaining friend Steven Shalowitz asks acclaimed guests where they’d go if given a one-way ticket and why (whether in the past, present, future, real, imaginary or state of mind). In the past ten years, he has interviewed Dick Cavett, Charles Osgood, Tim Gunn, Mo Rocca, NY Mayor Eric L. Adams and hundreds more (and even yours truly in his early days of podcasting and my early days as a food/beverage/branding consultant).   So imagine my delight when I learned of his latest guest Mitchell Davis. To quote Steven, “If you really know food, you know Mitchell Davis. Because Mitchell Davis really knows food.” I thought I knew food, but after listening to their chat, I now know so much more.
Tune into this episode where Mitchell shares his one-way ticket to the famed 3-star Michelin restaurant, La Pyramide in Vienne, France sometime in the late 1940s or early 1950s. He also shares “10 Memorable Meals” from around the globe, including flying to Paris just for lunch for the opening of Alain Ducasse on Rue Poincaré.

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