March 4, 2022

One of the greatest joys in my life is exploring fine wine with all my senses. It’s been a while since my wine business days, so I was delighted to attend this year’s Gambero Rosso. Tasting the award winning wines was like having a dance with dear old friends, each with their own special character and style. No one wine is alike, that’s the beauty of it.
My wine days were somewhat extraordinary, managing some of the world’s best brands from the first families in wine, Marchese Antinori, Masi Agricola Amarone, Krug and Charles Heidsieck and Piper Heidsieck Champagne. I had no idea when I took the position (at Remy Martin at the time) how it would completely rock my world and create a sensorial foundation for everything to come. I’m grateful for the experience early in my career to help align my purpose and passion for food and beverages forever. Luckily, it’s a lifetime of learning!
Today, I’m tasting ranges of superfruit juices, veggie burgers, yogurt and peanut butter! Yet when I taste it’s the same evaluation, looking at appearance, nosing for aromas, tasting for levels of flavor, mouthfeel, texture, length, finish, balance, satisfaction and distinctiveness. What was the overall experience like? Do I want another sip or bite? How does one sip compare to another?
When tasting Custoza last week at the Gamberro Rosso, it was variations on a theme…and all Liquid Gold.
Follow your nose, and in Custoza DOC you will find fresh,ripe, tropical fruit…floral notes of lily of the valley, hints of almonds,honey, herbs and balsamic… white wines with a rich mouthfeel and great minerality… and a melange of so many beautiful Italian white grapes: Garganega, Bianca Fernanda, Trebbianello, Malvasia, Riesling Italico, Pinot Bianco, and more.

And what a treat to taste the 2022 Tre Bicchieri award winners! A beautiful range of flavors from the Veneto, Lombardy, Fruili, Umbria, Tuscany, Piedmont, the Veneto, and Puglia. My favorites: (bianco): the Ribolla (ginger, white pepper, smokey almond), grechetto (citrus), rosso, grignolino (easy, earthy strawberry, black pepper), barolo of Serralunga (deep, tannic), single vineyard barbera (structured, full body Nizza Generala Riserva 2017).

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